Freedom of speech vs fighting fake news

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Freedom of speech vs fighting fake news

Postby Juanm » Tuesday January 3rd, 2017 01h28:25

There's a delicate balance.

  • If you want to kick fake news in the butt, you might want to sacrificate some degrees ('till all) of freedom of speech, including your own one. A Chinese style network has no fake news (apart for the gov propaganda, defined as true by the government) and no freedom of speech at all.
  • If you want to preserve your freedom of speech you have to tolerate a certain dose of fake news hanging around.

And btw the anonimity online is accessory to freedom of speech, so it should be defended as much as possible.
Tools to punish people spreading fake news are already present and they are the same used to punish libel or other freedom of speech abuse.

BTW we have some example of fakenews spread by main stream media, the same who are crying against fakenews in so called populist media.

Here we go

  1. Italian banks are solid (2008 - today, all Italian media)
  2. Monte Paschi (Italian bank) is a good deal (jan 22nd 2016, all Italian media)
  3. After Donald Trump victory the stocks will plummet (hum .. they raised ... all financial media oct-nov 2016, all over the world)
  4. russians hacked electricity grid in Vermont (WaPost, late 2016 ... Vermont grid officials said it was a non grid infected laptop)


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