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phpBB 3.0.12 "D¡cky"

Postby Juanm » Sunday September 29th, 2013 23h47:08

Naderman wrote:Greetings community,

We are pleased to announce the release of phpBB "Richard 'D¡cky' Foote" 3.0.12. This version is a maintenance release fixing various bugs but not adding any new features. We have updated the list of bots/spiders, further improved compatibility with recent PHP versions, and support MySQL fulltext search on InnoDB for those MySQL versions which provide it. The custom BBCode token LOCAL_URL has been modified to operate closer to its description. If you have any custom BBCodes using the token you should test if the custom BBCode still functions correctly or if you need to replace the token with the new RELATIVE_URL token. Moderators are no longer exempt from post approval, instead the permission "Can post without approval" is applied as it is for all other users. We now reject very long password inputs immediately to save on resources during password checks.

We urge you to update your installation as soon as possible. Our support team will only support phpBB 3.0.12, updates to phpBB 3.0.12 and conversions to phpBB 3.0.12. Submissions to our trackers for older versions will not be accepted, please make sure you update before you submit a bug report.

If you use a language pack other than the default "English [GB]", you should check our downloads section, an update may already be available.

We would also like to say a special thank you to everyone outside the development team who has contributed a patch to this release:
Marc Alexander, Patrick Webster, Fyorl, erangamapa, Senky, Igor Wiedler, Vjacheslav Trushkin, Andy Chase, Gaëtan Muller, Callum Macrae, Carlo, Matt Friedman, Vinny, Adonais Romero González, Bruno Ais, Crizz0, David Tobin, Jordan Rogers, Joseph Warner, Martin Beckmann, Matthew Fonda, MichaelC, Oyabun1, Sajaki, Victor Nagy, gamerchan, hjpotter92, riadhchtara, westr. You can find a full list of contributors on GitHub:

For a complete list of changes with attributed ticket numbers, please consult our comprehensive changelog.

Richard 'D¡cky' Foote was the core of Converter Fora and former Support Team member ... we are grateful for his work and we hope that now he feels better than all of us.

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