phpBB 3.1.0 Ascraeus is out

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phpBB 3.1.0 Ascraeus is out

Postby Juanm » Tuesday October 28th, 2014 21h14:24

naderman @ board wrote:Today is a big day for the entire phpBB community and we hope you're excited! With the help of hundreds of volunteers, we have created the best and most modern version of phpBB yet: 3.1 Ascraeus. It featuresmany improvements for users, administrators, and developers alike. Its new responsive theme takes phpBB into the modern mobile world, OAuth logins and Gravatars improve phpBB's integration into the social web, and a new notification system makes it easy to keep apprised of all that's going on.

With phpBB 3.1 Ascraeus' extension system, you can easily customize and extend your forum's functionality without modifying source code. The extension system makes updating phpBB and 3rd party code a breeze. Our Extensions Development Team is also actively developing a set of officially supported extensions, explanding upon phpBB's already rich feature-set with some separately maintained popular options. For example custom pages, Google Analytics integration, and detailed board rules.

We have been hard at work to ensure 3.1 Ascraeus is also the most stable and secure release of phpBB. A professional security audit performed by SektionEins found phpBB 3.1 Ascraeus to be solid, due to the examplary execution of strict coding guidelines. The well tested and widely used Symfony components have replaced some of the underlying foundations of phpBB to let us focus our efforts on providing the best forum experience imaginable.

Check out further highlights of the new version on our Ascraeus Launch Page or a more detailed breakdown on our Features Page. As always, phpBB 3.1 Ascraeus and update packages for previous versions are available in the downloads section.

The phpBB community has been working at a tremendous pace for months to get this release prepared and we plan on riding this wave. Future feature releases will be published on an annual basis, and work on phpBB 3.2 Rhea is already well underway!

Full announcement, with credits to the contributors, is located here ... &t=2268866

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phpBB 3 1 0 Ascraeus is out

Postby KennethLown » Tuesday January 13th, 2015 00h57:59

You dont like the new features that phpBB 3 will offer? Why not? Or shall we see when the time comes?

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