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phpBB 3.x.x release table

Postby Juanm » Wednesday July 1st, 2015 12h42:46


naderman wrote:End of Maintenance - End of Maintenance means, that we will no longer fix bugs in this version. Only security patches and security releases will be made available. New extensions and styles will not be accepted for this version anymore. Updates to published extensions and styles will still be validated.

End of Life - End of Life means, that no security patches will be provided anymore. Further this marks the end for extension and style updates. The Extensions and Styles Teams will not validate new updates for this version anymore.

End of Support - End of Support means, that the support forums for the respective version will be closed and questions will not be answered anymore. Currently there are no specific End of Support dates but the Support Team will support the versions at the very least until the End of Life of the respective version. Support may be provided past this point and the support team will give at least 6 months notice before the End of Support for a particular version.

(post from March 8th 2015)

Current status:

phpBB 3.0.x Olympus:
  • End of manteinance reached since May 31st 2015
    No new MODs or styles are accepted anymore in the MODs and Styles DB, only queued MODs and updates to existing ones are accepted.
  • End of life will be reached on November 30th 2015, only 152 days ahead. End of support hasn't been defined yet, but it will be announced 6 months in advance by support team

phpBB 3.1.x Ascraeus:
  • End of manteinance will be reached on May 2016,
  • end of life will be reached in November 2016.

phpBB 3.2.x Rhea:
  • release estimated in november/december 2015

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