[DISC] Global announcements for related topic unleashed

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Please note: all these MODs will not be upgraded unless security issues arise, or bugs so severe to block their normal use ;)
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[DISC] Global announcements for related topic unleashed

Postby Juanm » Thursday October 11th, 2007 21h21:01

Well, as someone could have known, I've posted another beta MOD (and they are four now).

It will allow related topic MOD to recognize properly global announcements in the little similar topic table :)
Without this little tweak, they are detected as normal topics ;)

Happy MODding :P

I didn't used [2.0.x dev] fora @ phpBB.com 'cause none of the required MODs are present or supported over there (even if some people using both of them may be around ;) ).

Support: open a topic here

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