Win 10 mobile will be discontinued on January 14th 2020

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They'll be updated when possible
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Win 10 mobile will be discontinued on January 14th 2020

Postby Juanm » Saturday December 28th, 2019 12h45:39

Extremetech wrote:Windows 10 Mobile aimed to provide greater consistency with the desktop version of the OS with features like Continuum. You could even plug one of the company’s Lumia phones into a monitor to get a familiar desktop mode. However, even Microsoft’s acquisition of Nokia’s mobile division in 2013 wasn’t enough to force Windows 10 Mobile on consumers who had largely settled into Android or iOS.

About a year ago, Microsoft announced that it would end support for Windows 10 Mobile. At the time, the December 2019 patches were scheduled to be the last. That update rolled out on December 10th, but Microsoft quietly updated its documentation to include one last update. Windows 10 Mobile devices will get another update in January 2020.
There won’t be any new features in the final update — Microsoft stopped developing anything new when it announced the end-of-life timeline. The OTA will, however, have security patches.

Usually the end of a closed source OS within a closed environment is marked by the death of the relative marketplace. What happens after is a slow phaseout, you simply go away 'cause you cannot do anything beyond the bare minimum allowed by the vanilla OS.

It happened with Nokia Symbian, it will happen with win 10 mobile.

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