Zerohedge twitter account perma-suspended

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Zerohedge twitter account perma-suspended

Postby Juanm » Saturday February 1st, 2020 02h39:19

Houston we have a trouble. A news account looked ... suspended ...
"The account was permanently suspended for violating our platform manipulation policy," a spokesperson for Twitter told BuzzFeed News.

(from here)

Last screen before suspension (from google cache)


But it's the site homepage being revealing

The allegation is doxxing, as outlined in various screenies posted over ZH article.

We'll see when and where this will end.
As far as we are concerned, we have also RSS and mail to receive news. Social media didn't exist back in 2004 and people managed to get informed without them.
Social media might disappear in 2034 and by then people will likely find another way to reach the news they want.

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