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  1. Forum posting rulez
    This is a forum, not a global chat or a soapboxing anon.
    So please don't use it in an unappropriate manner.
    More specific instructions below.
    1. Please use search function(s) before posting new topics. Maybe your question has already been answered. Dupe topic will be merged to the original one. #
    2. Of course testing zone is for testing. So using it for testing forum functions without harm is allowed to all folks. #
    3. Please not post rubbish topics here. If you want to post rants, spam, "wtf my pet shrimp died" or other brainless topics, please get your own blog. Similarly, this applies to replies too. If your reply is not ontopic, it could be removed or splitted (if it can stand up alone). #
  2. User management
    1. PM service is free, and PMs are considered private here.
      However PMs could be suspended in the whole forum if necessary (for technical reason). See rule 7a for consistency too. #
    2. it could be a good idea limiting yourself to one nick. #
    3. people cannot obtain username deletion.
      If you don't want to be in this forum anymore, put a mail like {nickname}@example.com or whatever fake domain.
      Your nick will be disabled and you won't be able to enter anymore :P
      If you are interested to anonymization too, please request it via teh contact form *before* the mail change#
    4. Trolls and spammers are not welcome. #
  3. Attachment & photogallery
    attachment = file attached in forum to a post while posting, uploading it
    photogallery: a special section containing photos only.
    1. To be enabled to upload files please request attach membership in site support forum. You'll be enabled ASAP. #
    2. You cannot attach your own photos to forum posts. This is a forum, not a show off corner.
      For personal stuff use photoalbum or 3rd party resources, thanks. #
    3. You cannot
      -- attach obscene or libelous material ,
      -- post virus/trojan,
      -- attach files against hosting rulez
    4. People violating rulez 3a and 3b may be warned, people violating rule 3c will be banned and further action may follow. #
  4. Avatar:
    1. Maximum size 120x120 pixel, 50 kb (= 50000 bytes = 48.83 KiB) #
    2. Rule 3c is extended to avatar too #
    3. Avatars violating these rulez will be removed, and further action may be taken #
  5. Signature:
    1. Two combos are available. You can choose only one of them
      -- size: 468x60 pixel image(s), no animation, maximum image weight 15000 bytes, with a single line of text
      -- 6 lines of text. #
    2. Rule 3c applies to sig images too. #
    3. Maximum links allowed in signature: 3, pointing to unique pages. Team members can exceed this limit only linking to approved material. #
    4. Signature violating these rulez will be removed. #
  6. Other ground rules
    1. Arguing too much with team member about ban/PM revocation/warning related matter via any method is definitely not appreciated and could led to a warning. #
    2. Posting in public ban requests or pm revocation requests could led to the same punition. So avoid being so nasty.
      If you've troubles with other member and you think you're abused, please report only what happened. Things will be reviewed and we'd try to sort issues in the better way possible :) . #
    3. Posting received PMs in public may led to a warning. #
    4. It's up to team members decide what is violation of those rules, not to users. The main admin (aka the Founder) decision is final. #
  7. Punishments
    1. PM revokation to single users could happen everytime an administrator decide (basing on evidence by forwarded pm or by forum attitude) that such a serious thing could take place. They are very rare events. #
    2. Warning policy here is two-strike in a 40 days row.
      At the third warning before 40 days from the first one, a (temporary) ban will take place. In ban reason will be mentioned when the person can re-enter the board. #
    3. Insulting a team member, or posting indecent or vulgar material referred to him via any method will led to a ban. #
    4. Every ban evasion will be punished with permanent ban of all nicknames #
    5. Threatening legal action will led to a permanent ban. #
Last updated: September 30th, 2011

Posting rulez | User management | Attachment/photogallery | Avatar | Signature | Other | Punishments
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